Carly Silberstein, DES, CED

How many years have you been a CanSPEP Member? 3 years

What do you look forward to achieving in your portfolio this year? I look forward to taking the partnership portfolio to the next level; continuing to deliver meaning and value to our longtime industry supports while fostering relationships with those who may not know who we are or what we do (yet). I think increasing CanSPEP’s brand awareness in the event and business industry across Canada will be paramount.

Why did you get into the event management entrepreneurial space?   I’m from a family of entrepreneurs and decided to marry one too! I always knew I would start a business, it wasn’t a matter of if, but rather, when. During my post-graduate program (in marketing) at Western, I worked part-time at a boutique event management agency and I immediate fell in love with every aspect – name badges stuffing, sourcing, vendor management, client development – you name it, I loved it! Being exposed to this industry solidified that I had found my calling, where my passion for connecting people and creating meaningful partnerships could be satisfied. “