Natalie Lowe, CMM


loweHow many years have you been a CanSPEP Member? 12 years

What do you look forward to achieving in your portfolio this year?
For CanSPEP overall, we are positioning for growth by implementing systems and processes to be efficient as CanSPEP grows its membership. We continue to grow our reputation as the association for entrepreneurs in the meetings and events industry – and to add the support, education and resources our members need to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Particularly as Chair of the Board, my role is to help find and nurture the next leaders for CanSPEP and to increase engagement by members.

Why did you get into the event management entrepreneurial space?
I come from a family of entrepreneurs in Alberta and always thought I would run my own business – when I eventually made the leap from being an employee to being an entrepreneur it was really to spend more time with my family. I have much greater control over my time as an entrepreneur. There are tough days as a business owner but it’s an extremely rewarding and empowering life choice.