How You Benefit


As the landscape of the meeting industry and event culture continues to change and grow exponentially across Canada, the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners has become one of Canada’s most influential professional meeting planning organizations, handling thousands of meetings and events each year.

Being leaders in Canada’s event management industry, we believe in helping our members build stronger businesses; businesses that will succeed in the ever-evolving event landscape. Aside from continuing to provide a strong voice within the industry that speaks for planners, our focus is to provide members with:

1) Cost-saving or revenue generating exclusive member benefits

CanSPEP strives to ensure that the membership have the resources they need to not only be better planners, but better business people in today’s hectic and connected world. If a member were to take advantage of Member benefits alone, they would save enough, or earn enough, to more than pay for the cost of membership.

Insurance savings alone could be enough given members who switch regularly save anywhere from $300.00 to $3000.00 on the cost of their business and personal insurance needs!

Looking for additional streams of revenue? CanSPEP’s event management software provider has a license model exclusive to CanSPEP members that helps to establish their corporate brand and generate additional revenue by providing certain technology requirements in-house versus subcontracting.

CanSPEP also strives to help you build your business with the Member driven “Hire a Planner” online directory, as well as the “Submit an RFP” service available to the greater event industry. The “Submit an RFP” service yielded 20+ distinct RFPs that were exclusively distributed to CanSPEP members.

2) Uniquely tailored and current educational opportunities

You would hope with a board and volunteer base made up entirely of planners would yield some great learning events – and it does!

CanSPEP’s unique education plan, focused on both the spirit and practice of being an entrepreneur, weaves its way into most learning events presented by CanSPEP over the course of the year. We work directly with some of the country’s leading experts on business development, nationally renowned speakers, sought after workshop facilitators as well as our own home grown content experts who share their expertise and experiences with the membership at regional programs, as well as our National Annual Conference!

3) Unparalleled networking and volunteer experiences

Membership in any organization increases in value the more you get involved.  There are many ways our members and industry partners volunteer and benefit from the increased profile and experience. Board members work with seasoned planners and event entrepreneurs to govern the Society and shape the future of CanSPEP. Open to CanSPEP members. Committee involvement is a great way to meet other members and learn more about the organization and industry. We often establish “Task Forces” to tackle burning industry or Society issues, while also supporting a Partner Advisory Council (PAC) that taps into the expertise of our event partners and suppliers.

If volunteering isn’t your thing, we offer a variety community level networking events through out the year that promote information sharing with local members, establish a bigger stable of mutually beneficial relationships with local industry suppliers, provide opportunities for local industry trade shows.

4) Specialized guides and legally reviewed templates

CanSPEP hosts and maintains an extensive stable of guides, forms and templates that you can use on demand after logging into the Member’s Only Section of our website.  To name a few, as a member, you have access to such things like:

  • CanSPEP Event Scenario Template
  • CanSPEP Accessiblity Guide
  • CanSPEP Risk Management Guide
  • Hybrid Meetings – Sample RFP
  • CanSPEP Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (Sample)
  • CanSPEP Planner to Client Agreement (Sample)
  • CanSPEP Planner to Planner Agreement (Sample)
  • …and much more unique resources specific to you and your business

Join CanSPEP today and harness your entrepreneurial spirit to take your business to the next level!


“After 15 years of starting and growing 2 successful businesses, I forgot who I was…and I was struggling. CanSPEP changed my life.”

Dustin Rivers, Executive Director, Verney Conference Management & VP Membership CanSPEP